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The Car Drive punk I-II
York, Carolina, And Maine Driving Freeway at Night by RoboticArbiter
Meta, Washington and Doc driving the peaceful snow by RoboticArbiter
Rank Price
I- 300
II- 400

desc will be later
The City of Shadows I
CrazyHalo New Alexandria Sky wallpaper by RoboticArbiter
Description coming soon 1
Space Wars Effects I-II
Covenant Assault Vs U.S.S Enterprise by RoboticArbiter
Pillar of Autumn Vs USS Enterprise by RoboticArbiter
Rank Price
I- 230
II- 300

The Limix Matrix Effects I-II
Wawor DJ-ing in Sassilization Gardens by RoboticArbiter
*Gmod* Claude Faustus Scout by RoboticArbiter
Rank Price
I- 190
II- 200
Orbital Heaven Sun I-II-III Theme
Agent Maine/Meta Stare by RoboticArbiter
The Vampire Scout  (Persona) by RoboticArbiter
Halo Reach Ranger Elite V.2 by RoboticArbiter
Meta by RoboticArbiter
Halo reach Ultra Elite by RoboticArbiter
Rank Price

-High Details
-Glowing Reflection
-Heaven Sun or Fall Snow Background Colors
-Advance Profession Shadowing and Lightning
-Advance Posing
-Advance Camera Angle
-20+ Extra Layer
-Texture Lense Flare
-Motion Blur and Gaussion Blur
-Electric or Fire Effects
-Visor or Glasses Relection
-Snow Effects
Graveyard Theme I-II-III
Gmodders in Minecraft by RoboticArbiter
Graveyard Meta by RoboticArbiter
Tundran Territory Scout by RoboticArbiter
Fe-Spartan vs Fe-Nano by RoboticArbiter
Rank Price

-Heaven Sun or Hell Dark Effects
-Advance Profession Lighting
-Motion Blur
Destiny Theme I
Spartan Vs. Demons (Destiny) by RoboticArbiter
-Multiple Advance Effects.
-Logo Presents
Anime Theme I-II-III
TF2 Scout Destiny Anime Style by RoboticArbiter
[TDC]Zero Anime by RoboticArbiter
Wawor Anime by RoboticArbiter
We will fight together by RoboticArbiter
Brothers of Spartans by RoboticArbiter
Inferno The Dragon by RoboticArbiter
All Rank Effects are same price
-Lense Flares
-Advance Lighting
- Rain or without
Below Basic Effects Theme
School In A Nutshell by RoboticArbiter
Scout Persona Armor Testing by RoboticArbiter
Agent Maine Vs Necromorph's by RoboticArbiter
All Rank Effects are same price
-No Effects
-No Advance Posing
-Basic Camera Angle
-Low Lighting Effects


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Leave no Man Behind
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Original icon here:…

Halo, Halo Everywhere. Faggots, Faggots everywhere

I make Garrys Mod photoshop art and I do it for fun.

Stamp :: Rooster Teeth by homestucktroll123Arby 'n' the Chief Stretched by BeautifulButchGeneral Stamp 2 by HatakeMirukonRed vs Blue by AquaFugitFinish the Fight by HatakeMirukon
Halo Rox Stamp by ashleywhttkrHalo Wars by Cubist-Assassin64Halo Stamp by darkdisciple-stampsHalo Reach by AquaFugit Hatred Is Beauty Stamp by RoboticArbiterRVB Stamp by grifflingMy first animated stamp by FireNationReiHalo Player Stamp by ZetasparkHalo 3 by AquaFugitGURL GAMURRRR by dust-bite
Stamp for Freelancer RPs by BushtuckapenguinStamp - Halo Vet. by BowChickaBowWowHalo 2 Stamp by googlememanSci-Fi Lover Stamp by DarkDijinArtie89Teabag Stamp by StollroflArbiter Stamp by sJ-ePI Love Halo Stamp by Viper-modHalo Fanboy Stamp by SpikytasticRVB Stamp by grifflingImmature Stamp -RvB- by purplejub1993DJCSword Stamp by sJ-ePStamp: RedvsBlue fan by NawamaneStamp: Halo 3 Fan by NawamaneSkullgirls Stamp by jakewashereSkullgirls Stamp: Squigly by AbsolutePineappleValentine by DennyVuQuachParasoul by DennyVuQuachFMA Al Stamp by erjanksAl Fan Stamp v2 by kuro-stampsT.A.R.D.I.S. Stamp by Maleficent84Doctor Who - Logo Stamp by dA--bogeymanDoctor Who 2010 Stamp by lapraskingEleventh Doctor Stamp by raven-prydeFilthy Frank stamp by srslyyy

:iconpootisplz::iconpootisplz::iconpootisplz::iconpootisplz::iconpootisplz::iconpootisplz::iconpootisplz::iconsaysplz: Pootis Hatred here.
Anti MLP FiM Stamp by Firework154Anti PewDiePie Stamp by Firework154AtlusHasStolenMySoulAndMoney by ColbatrosShut up about the horses by HookingQueen
I Don't Like PewDiePie by BloodOnTheVeilSick of ponies stamp by YamiRyuu-chanAsshole by AtrociWell... by HookingQueen
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Your frustration by black-cat16-stampsI'm not trying to be offensive. by World-Hero21It's just so funny by Cat-Reaperit's funny... by pixelat0ry


Don't take this serious.

USA Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-designSpanish lang3 by Faeth-designJP Language Level stamp3 by Faeth-design


In the Commissions, you must give more Details of the Art you Requested before I make it. Refund is Available.
I see everybody is going outta control. When PC got ban in DA which is bad cause there's no Security of stupidity control, allot of people starting to leave DA and the shitty Gmodder's are just enjoying themselves because they are no longer get criticisms with their so call talents...
I see no point in DA Gmod community anymore, Jesus why the shitty Gmodder's always have to be so stupid, ignorant, stubborn, and do horrible Art's...

Fuck me.... That's why I'm moving on to Youtube instead and make some Gmod video's that's gets me 10 subscribers per year, yes it's true... I make 10 subscribers per year because people doesn't like to see a true work. But I worked in Youtube for 3 years and total I made is 485 subscribers...
 Jesus a shitty video could get them 1,000-10,000 Subscribers...

Should we feel sorry for people who has actual talent?
 Nope. Let's give credit to people who has no talents...

I'm gonna work on The Misunderstanding Adventures III because Im'ma faggot.

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Hey RA, I like your Gmod video, especialy the Skullgirls in it. Just to give you a head's up, have this.…

If you don't know who's WizzyWhipitWonderful is, He's an Original Composer of CPS2. he even made the themes for the Skullgirls gangs. Don't believe me, Click it.
That fucking webcam is gold good sir
RoboticArbiter Mar 28, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Thanks, It was usually abandoned Gmod video but I made it into gif. instead.
At least it still lives on. 
RoboticArbiter Mar 28, 2014  Student Digital Artist
At least I'm getting interested on making weird Gmod Gifs to give some people laughs.
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